We believe the Church is alive, and we're keeping our finger on the pulse. Priest Pulse hosted by Father Benjamin Gildas and Fr. Colin Chapman looks at relevant issues in the Episcopal Church and around the world with prayer, humor, and thoughtfulness.

The Rev. Alex Dyer is Priest in Church of St. Thomas Parish in Washington DC and co-author of two recent resolutions in in the Diocese of Washington, both around the topic of gender. These resolutions proved controversial enough to find Fr. Dyer as a guest on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News.

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  • Thank you for this episode. My own Episcopal congregation in upstate New York suffered a loss of a dozen members this summer after a controversy over whether we should hang the American flag outside of the church during July. The vestry had a contentious discussion and voted no with tensey divided 5 to 4 vote. The problem for us was that although the vestry could talk about it, many people in the congregation could not. Those who felt they were on the side that got voted down felt they had to leave. Even efforts to reach out to them to discuss and stay in conversation failed. There is a serious problem not just in our church but in the country with people no longer able to sustain and respect differences, let alone discuss them. Bombastic talk shows and a divided congress do not help. I would love to hear you all address this problem — the problem of listeneing and not just being heard — in much more depth.

    posted by: John Bennett-Niemira on 2018-02-24 14:29:21

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