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Sermon from the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church on 7/3/15 from the Rt. Rev. Michael Bruce Curry on the Great Commission. Bishop Michael Curry says "go."


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Discussion of funding for evangelism in the Episcopal Church i.e. Mission Enterprise Zones and new church plants. Fr. Benjamin Gildas frames the story of the Rev. Megan Anderson, a narrative of risk, adventure, struggle, and reward that ultimate leads to visionary direction in new ministry starts. The Rev. James Hamilton discusses his work as a church planter and mentor. Caitlyn Darnell discusses Diocese of North Carolina campus ministry "A Movable Feast." The 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Chuch continued funding for the Mission Enterprise Zones and church planting, while not funding to the amount requested by those ministries.


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Dear friends, this is the unabridged audio from today's afternoon press conference. Today in a landmark moment, the House of Deputies concurred with the House of Bishops to approve marriage for all persons in the Episcopal Church.

Remember nothing is edited, this is the raw audio from the press conference.

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