We believe the Church is alive, and we're keeping our finger on the pulse. Priest Pulse hosted by Father Benjamin Gildas and Fr. Colin Chapman looks at relevant issues in the Episcopal Church and around the world with prayer, humor, and thoughtfulness.

Welcome 2017 and welcome everyone to our first episode of the New Year! Ben and Colin discuss their resolutions, and recommend one for you! On this episode we have yet another guest from the General Theological Seminary, the Rev. Emily Wachner, who joins us to discuss the Wisdom Year program and revitalization of GTS. Also, our most recurringest guest Anna Courie joins us to discuss her new book Christ Walk Kids from Church Publishing, as well as raising faithful and healthy tweens and teens.








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  • Hi, Lorraine! Thanks for your great question. At Priest Pulse we love deacons, and in my diocese I'm a big supporter of the role of the diaconate and lifting up the diaconate. I'd love to talk about the whole deacon-y world otu there on the show. It hasn't been intentionally left out, only hasn't come up. Let's chat!

    posted by: Benjamin Gildas on 2017-01-19 15:27:12

  • Hi: Do you ever have deacon guests on Priest Pulse? There's a whole deacon-y world out there that is growing by leaps and bounds, esp. with young adults. I would be happy to be one (I am ED of the Association).

    posted by: Lorraine Mills-Curran on 2017-01-19 14:16:38

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